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HLC Utilization up 166% in one year.



Yes FREE consulting. We want you to realize the value of our service before you contract for our service. We will perform a free analysis of your HLC site. Then, we will provide a written report and telephone debrief of the results and discuss service options that may benefit you.
Let LSApros help you assess the value you are receiving from the HealthStream Learning Center

Healthstream Learning Center
virtual lsa® services

Virtual LSA Account Representatives ensure all education accomplishments are entered in the HealthStream Learning Center

Virtual LSA®, Record Keeper

We are there when you need us! Perhaps you are comfortable performing the more strategic Learning System Administrator (LSA) functions, but could use some help with the record keeping activities. Your organization may not be able to justify the expense of a full-time or even part-time administrative assistant, but what if you had another option?


That is what we give you, a third option. Think of us as your virtual administrative assistant. We provide you with the services of an Account Representative who will perform your HealthStream Learning Center record keeping functions.

Our HealthStream Learning Center virtual learning system administrators can perform all HLC functions for you.

Virtual LSA®, Administrator

Welcome to LSApros. How can we help? Your HealthStream Learning Center Virtual LSAs are here to do just that; help. But they are also here to provide guidance on how to best utilize the capabilities of the HLC to meet your organization's strategic educational objectives.


Should you track as a course? Should you create a class? Should this course be assigned or should we leave it as an elective? What difference does it make if you enter a completion as a learning event? Can you really manage continuing education in the HLC? How do you empower your staff to take responsibility for professional continuing education? How can you obtain better support from leadership? Where does it say that fire safety training is required every year? We take care of these questions and so many more.


You will have a designated Account Manager who has both practical experience and specific training in our standard practices. Your administrator knows the HLC, understands your environment, and is adept at applying our standardized proven approach to HealthStream Learning Center administration..

If you have questions about the HealthStream Learning Center, we can help.

Not sure? Want it all?

We understand! In fact all our HealthStream Learning Center Virtual LSA® clients use both of the above services. Let us help you decide by doing three things:

  1. First, participate in the ROI evaluation.

  2. Then, call us to request your FREE site analysis.

  3. Finally, schedule time with us to review the data.


We give you options! Think of us as your personal, but virtual, LSA. Key benefits include:

  • Pay as you go; flat hourly rate for record keeping only. Fixed monthly fee for administration or combination services. You only pay for what you need.

  • No administrative burden typically associated with hired employees. This burden usually adds another 25-35% to the direct labor costs.

  • We are contracted service, not contracted labor. We do not impact your productivity standards.

  • Guaranteed response time. We can do this because we are never "closed for vacation." We have a pool of staff working the queue. If your Account Representative is unavailable or unable to meet the response time guarantee, we will shift that work to someone else.

  • We make it easy! Simply send us your data via toll-free fax or email.

  • Interim Services!. Yes, really! If you are transitioning between two HLC administrators, or your administrative assistant is on vacation for several weeks, CALL LSApros. We have attractive rates and trained staff to step in when you need temporary help.
LSApros...Your Partner in Education & Administration!