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Yes FREE consulting. We want you to realize the value of our service before you contract for our service. We will perform a free analysis of your HLC site. Then, we will provide a written report and telephone debrief of the results and discuss service options that may benefit you.
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employee development

Our team of experienced professionals provide you the choices you deserve We have formed an alliance of very experienced training professionals to meet your ongoing needs for employee, supervisor, and management development.

Our professionals have backgrounds in healthcare, retail, finance, transportation, human resources, management consulting, insurance, and the Department of Defense. We are certain to have a team member that will understand your business environment and staff development needs.

Serving the private and government sector, our team members each have at least fifteen years of professional experience in all aspects of curriculum design, development, and delivery in a corporate environment.

The choices are endless and they are all yours!

  1. Choose from over 50 standardized courses.
  2. Choose to use as is or tailor and brand to match your organization needs.
  3. Choose the experienced training professional that matches your expectations.
  4. Choose your implementation schedule and options.
  5. Choose LRNpros.

All these choices are yours and are exceptional values!


We offer dozens of courses focused on the development needs of your frontline employees and first level supervisors. We make it easy to invest in their future with you.


From essential skills, to supervisor skills, to Human Resource skills, we are ready to work with your team. Our courses include:

  1. Workplace Harassment
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Diversity
  4. Customer Service
  5. Communication


Your leaders are charged with implementing the policies and practices supporting your corporate vision. They do this by influencing the behavior of others.


To support this important role, we offer 20 courses to support the objectives of talent management. These courses include:

  1. Hiring for Success, Behavioral Interviewing
  2. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Coaching & Teamwork
  5. Performance Management


Many organizations rely on the use of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide ongoing training to staff. It could be argued, and we would not disagree, that it is easier to train an SME to be a good facilitator than it is to train a good facilitator to be an SME.


We offer 7 courses focused on developing the skills of your organizational educators including:

  1. Public Speaking.
  2. Train-the-Trainer (1 day)
  3. Karen Lawson's Train-the-Trainer (5 day)
  4. Using Activities in Learning


Our combined professional team brings nearly 100 years of experience in corporate education, training, and development.

Because of that depth and breadth of experience, we have team members who can facilitate a variety of standardized instruments including:

  1. MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  2. DiSC Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance
  3. Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  4. Hogan Assessment Systems
LSApros...Your Partner in Education & Administration!