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HLC Utilization up 166% in one year.



Yes FREE consulting. We want you to realize the value of our service before you contract for our service. We will perform a free analysis of your HLC site. Then, we will provide a written report and telephone debrief of the results and discuss service options that may benefit you.
Let LSApros help you assess the value you are receiving from the HealthStream Learning Center


We are pleased to make a select number of HLC resources publicly available for you to use and distribute. These offerings will be limited and will change periodically. Check back often!
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Here you will find some quick links to the major regulatory agencies. Don't forget that our clients have access to our strategic education planning tool cross referenced to regulatory training requirements.
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As training professionals, we value the many organizations that provide opportunities for professional development and additional certification. We encourage you to explore these resources further.
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It is a pleasure working with companies that provide quality products and services at reasonable prices. Enjoy these links to products and vendors we know and trust.

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online curriculum us!

online learing in the HealthStream Learning Center is effective when quality curriculum is developed Our curriculum developers provide effective, efficient courses for the HealthStream Learning Center HealthStream Learning Center users enjoy learning with ourcurriculum

"LSApros has the knowledge, experience, and organizational skills required for successful course building, health management system assignment, and administration...Our 8.2 hour nursing education course and pilot study would not have made it off the drawing board within the imposed time constraints without his determined efforts and positive attitude. The final product has a much higher quality and level of sophistication than we had expected. I can highly recommend LSApros for online course development and administration." Peggy Wakefield, MD