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HLC Utilization up 166% in one year.



Yes FREE consulting. We want you to realize the value of our service before you contract for our service. We will perform a free analysis of your HLC site. Then, we will provide a written report and telephone debrief of the results and discuss service options that may benefit you.
Let LSApros help you assess the value you are receiving from the HealthStream Learning Center

Healthstream Learning Center Analyze then Optimize

You don't know what you don't know!!!

Socrates was one of the few who have claimed to know what he didn't know. We can help you to know how well you are utilizing the HealthStream Learning Center and take action to improve your results.     Yes...just 3 steps!

HSA Consultants


You don't even need to talk to us to get balanced feedback on the status of your HealthStream Learning Center installation. We have created a Return on Investment (ROI) tool that allows you to enter your data and see how well you are using the tool you have.


We have established benchmarks, weighted by relative importance, that you can use to grade yourself. We give you the chance to evaluate your own utilization of all the key features of the HLC and the amount of time and money you are spending to get the results you have.


Want to know how you compare to others who have completed this analysis?

Just let us know when you submit your results and we will provide that information to you as well. We can also show you how you can save time and money using LSApros.



This is your opportunity to gain the benefit of having an experienced outside perspective on the organization and utilization of your HealthStream Learning Center.


We have been using the HealthStream Learning Center in acute care environments for nearly ten years and we are very proud of our results.


  • Our standard approach has been utilized with success in stand-alone hospitals or medical centers, and in facilities associated with large integrated health systems.
  • We have worked with small facilities and those with several thousand employees.
  • We have worked with surgical and diagnostic imaging ambulatory care facilities.
  • We have use the HealthStream Learning Center to develop and implement strategic education plans based on both Joint Commission and AAAHC guidelines.



When you decide to work with us, we take the information we gathered from your analysis, our analysis, and your facility needs analysis and move forward to improve your HealthStream Learning Center installation.


The goals are clear:

  • Improve patient outcomes through improved staff competency.
  • Meet or exceed all regulatory, policy, and legal requirements for education.
  • Garner leadership support for strategic education planning.
  • Improve consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness of HLC administration.
  • Increase administrative utilization of key HLC features.
  • Decrease the overall cost of HLC administration.
  • Improve staff utilization of the HLC for required and elective training.
  • Give you more time to provide direct service at your facility.