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HLC Utilization up 166% in one year.



Yes FREE consulting. We want you to realize the value of our service before you contract for our service. We will perform a free analysis of your HLC site. Then, we will provide a written report and telephone debrief of the results and discuss service options that may benefit you.
Let LSApros help you assess the value you are receiving from the HealthStream Learning Center

Healthstream learning center
return on investment evaluation

Use our return on investment calculator to see if you are realizing the full value of the HealthStream Learning Center.

You have already made a significant investment in the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC). The HLC is a robust tool that allows you to implement your strategic education plan and measure the effectiveness of the plan.

The HLC has many time-saving features such as classroom registration, CE management, and certificate delivery that you may or may not be using.

We invite you to participate in this brief assessment to help you determine how effectively and efficiently you are using the HLC feature set.

You have already made an investment in licensing fees. You may have dedicated resources to administering the HLC and entering data such as student completions. Have you made a similar investment in training those staff members to ensure that they are able to effectively and efficiently use all of the HealthStream Learning Center features?


Most organizations do not need a full-time HealthStream Learning Center administrator and simply add the administrator duties to the primary duties of an already busy educator, manager, or director. We know, we've been there! Even if these skilled professionals are properly trained as HLC administrators and even if they somehow have the time to perform HLC administration duties, you must ask two questions:

1. Is this the most appropriate use of their time?

2. Is this an efficient use of their time?


We give you the opportunity to review the HLC feature set and indicate the degree to which you are utilizing each feature. Each feature is weighted in terms of relative importance. Features with a higher level of importance towards effective implementation, or those that provide a higher level of efficiency, are weighted more heavily.

The results are yours to use as you please. If desired, you may choose to receive a comparative analysis of your input relative to other similar facilities in our database.